Besides the regular production program of “METALEC BITOLA (S.C)” , there are also capacities and technological possibilities for performing different kinds of services such as:

– locksmith and welding trade
– machine processing
– processing (cutting,profile cutting,shaping) thin sheets
– maintainance of miner’s equipment
– production for transport systems’ equipment
– production for road signal system

Metalec Bitola (S.C) gives a warranty period of 1 year.


Metalec Bitola (S.C)

Metalec Bitola (S.C) imports materials needed for producing the ready-made products such as:

guss(Cast iron)
sheet metals in all dimensions with hot and cold rollings

Metalec Bitola (S.C) exports different types of products on their production program.They export stoves on solid fuel for heating,cooking and baking in the following states:

– Croatia and for other humanitarian organisations such as UNICEF,UNHCR Mercy Cors & German Red Cross.



The industry for metalprocessing

The industry for metalprocessing “METALEC” BITOLA A.D.(Stock Company) is a follower of the METALEC company,founded in 1948. Company’s rich and long-lasting experience,contributes the successful regeneration from difficult moments and its accomplishments starting from 1996, after the transformation was done.

The production program of Metalec Bitola is representing different types of stove and oven on solid fuel,with covered steel construction and elements of miner’s equipment.In time when competition is in the hands of the managing institution and staff, as their main goals are: maintenance on current production for specific level, keeping on the overcome markets and searching for new ones, modernization of the equipment and application on new technologies which would make it much easier if more developed products in the production program are included.

The staff’s forthcomming strives of this stock company are: to increase the palette of products with household appliances such as: electric boilers, electric stoves, heat-accumulating stoves, hot plates etc. which Metalec Bitola A.D. would ensure itself permanent and rich presence on the markets of current interest.

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R. of Macedonia

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